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.m. part of the pd this weekend on c-span2. >> next, an encore presentation of cal thomas who appeared on footnotes in 2004 to talk about things that matter most in this collection of essays. .. >> cal thomas, on the front of your book it says, "america's most controversial columnist." >> that was the triumph of the public relations department. i would not say that about myself, although i get some very wonderful mail and letters to the editor from tolerant, pluralistic, open-minded, pro-academic, freedom liberals who say such things as, "volunteer yourself for brain trauma experiments, you sadistic creep." >> why do you think they wanted to say "america's most controversial columnist"? >> oh, it's part of the hype. i'm in 350 papers in all 50 states, and most editors gratefully respond that they get more mail on my column, pro and con, than all of their other columnists. so, as you know, one of the premiere things in the information or communications business is to get people to read or watch you. and if you don't have that, you don't have anything. so i deal with the cultural, get pe
was also just fired, got less attention a week ago than the dmv. the calpers consolidating 49 data centers into one, the cost overrun at $228 million, they're going now is more upset with consolidation than they were previously. yet we fix it, don't, on something all of you know in california, and that is what if you extra million dollars in the red racial and parks department that we didn't spend, but the money is still there and it was in use during the downturn. there's been hundreds of articles on that and not about billions of dollars of waste. and inefficiency. and i would argue, corruption by those that served the industry but did not service it will. spent so the state parks money they didn't know the money was there. it sort of went underground. >> no one is pleased with it and it deserves a lot of attention, but my gosh, think about all these other examples. those are just some examples. speak of the government is not working as it should be. speak up not focused on this. >> so where do the citizens coming? speak of increasing my argument in the book is there's this new -- it's l
and those unanticipated consequences because sustaining jean in the state medi-cal agency in the rye and white folks were not talking so there were some shins about what would happen to people at hiv. fortunately that was caught and they were able to mitigate it. part of it is getting your story out there. it's the one of the things that kelly has had the opportunity to do and there will be report coming out, next month in a pro? early next month to talk about all these issues and as you guys has you guys or practitioners have ideas or thoughts or questions that serve as a bubble about how it will be implemented then bring it to us. that is where they're doing to investigate what can we do to resolve some of the kinks that folks aren't thinking about. so thank you very much. all of you for coming out and thank you to our awesome panel. please continue the conversation and they will be here if you guys want to talk to them before you go. [applause] here's a portion of those remarks. you can watch the entire event at >> in 2008, and 2012 the debates multiplied and were out
want to give them every opportunity. one other thing cal with respect to refinances, we touch lightly. that is a daily underwater bar wars to be able to refinance the mortgage is one thing in my statement that has not,. we're very pleased with the success of the program. we're prepared to undertake a marketing campaign to further reach out and let our worst no this is a legitimate program that can help the. >> appreciate that. i would love to see more detailed statistics. when people come into my office and can't access or don't know about it. in fact help that, unlike the area. in the detailed information would be helpful. >> i make sure our office gets that to you. >> the chair now recognizes the gym and from what carolina for five minutes. >> thank you. thank you for your very capable service in the presentation. you recently noted that the ministrations failure to provide a detailed plan of how to know wind down has made it harder to support the housing market. given that the administration has not provided, what steps have you taken as director to prepare the gst will post conser
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4